18 Weirdest Cell Phones
Here are 18 of the most strange phones designs that actually exist from the expensive Golden Buddha phone to the Nokia Teardrop!

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8. Yotaphone
One screen not good enough for you?How would you feel about having a dual screened screened smartphone? The Yotaphone was one of the most innovative phones that came onto the scene in 2014. It has your traditional smartphone screen on the front with E-ink screen on the back. The E-ink screen uses a lot less electricity and won’t harm your eyesight. What do you think about this revolutionary device?

7. Nokia 888
This weird cell phone as the ability to take any form you choose. You don’t have to carry it in your pocket, it can simply wrap around your wrist. It’s fairly simple, and lightweight and won’t take up too much space in your pocket since you can fold it. It can even bend on its own almost like some type of animal with a mind of its own. It’s only 5 mm thick and features a liquid battery. Would you want to own one of these?

6. Telson TWC 1150
This phone appears almost looks like some type of hair dryer more than a cell phone It seems way to bulky to keep in your pocket and could possibly be one of the worst phones of all time. Could you really imagine yourself wearing one of these? The designers possibly thought it would be cool to have a phone on your wrist but this is almost like a prehistoric version of the apple watch.

5. The Runcible Smartphone
Designed in 2015, this oddly shaped cellphone takes the figure of a pocket watch. The designer Aubrey Anderson from Berkeley, CA wanted to design something quiet, and relaxing so we’re not glued to our phone at all hours of the day, but still with the ability to go online when needed. They claim that just holding it in your hand is relaxing and is a form of wearable technology. You can make phone calls with runcible but only with a bluetooth device. The device is powerful and upgradable, designed with real hardwood. It’s supposed to enhance your life, rather than interrupt it. It’s meant to last to last for a long period of time and help you get by on the minimum amount of technology needed.

4. Atlas Kinetic Phone
The Atlas Kinetic Phone was a concept model that focused on green technology but without making any sacrifices in technology. Despite the good intentions, it really doesn’t appear to have what consumers were really looking for in modern phone when it was released in 2008. The power comes from kinetic energy, similar to what we find ind watches using weights to power a spring. It’s also made of recyclable glass and aluminum. You never would have to worry about the battery dying; all you’d have to do is give it a turn upside a couple of times and it would reload the springs. An intriguing idea nonetheless.

3. Kyocera Phone
Now here’s a green phone you might actually see yourself using. People’s phones dying seems to be like a minor crisis nowadays and some manufacturers are searching for the best way to fix this. This Kyocera phone designed in Japan using solar panels to recharge the battery. It only needs a miraculous 3 minutes of time in the the sunlight for every one minute of talk time. With partnership of the French firm SunPartner, who designed the solar panels, the 2 companies hope this will become the next big thing in keeping your battery life going. It still needs an electrical charge, but with the extra help from the sun light charge, it might keep your battery going longer than usual.

2. The Urine Battery
British scientists claim they have a new way to power your cellphone up in case of an emergency. And yes it’s exactly what it sounds like. They’ve apparently came up with a way to transform urine into electricity by using a what’s known as a microbial fuel. Just a half a liter of urine could be enough to charge your phone and keep it in use for 6 hours of time. This resource never seems to go out of supply and it’s about as green as it gets. We’re not to sure how people would feel about using this. Could this prototype john generate electricity for generations to come?

1.Motorola Dynatac 8000x
Just to remind you how far we’ve come in the past 30 years, here’s a photo of the vintage 80’s brick phone that was the first cell phone available for purchase in 1983. The very first one cost a customer 3,995 dollars at the time! That’s about the modern equivalent of 10,000. Not only was it outrageously expensive but weighed nearly two pounds! Taking up to 10 hours to fully charge! You’d be lucky if you got an hour of talk time out of that. It measured 10 inches long not including the large attenae. It was given the brick phone due to its size and weight and really needed a brief case or backpack to transported! We’ve come a long, people!

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