Life Before the Internet & Cell Phones aka THE STONE AGE!
Life Before the Internet and Cell Phones
Nostalgia, Gaming, & Pop Culture:

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What was life like before the internet? What was life like before cellphones? So many plots in movies and television could be solved with a simple text message or the internet. The internet and cellphones have simplified our lives but how do we balance a life with technology. What happens if the internet goes out?! What happens if cell towers are destroyed?! Let’s go back in time and find out more!

#nointernet #firstworldproblems #nocellphone #nophone #internetproblems #internet #internetoutage #blackout #canthardlywait #friends #wewereonabreak


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iOnurb is a graphic designer, video editor, and motion graphic artist with a passion for video games and 80s/90s nostalgia. A veteran YouTuber and Gamer, subscribe to my channel for interesting insights, videos, clips, and other related content.


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